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Unmatched actuarial advising

Providing key performance indicators that help you generate revenue and improve your bottom line.


UR Solutions possesses extensive experience in Managed Care Organization denials management. This includes both inpatient and emergency department denials.

Claims may be rejected by insurance companies for a wide variety of reasons, but UR Solutions is experienced in handling them all.

Our team deliberately and effectively analyzes each individual case, formulating the unique argument, which increases the likelihood for receiving an overturn.

why ur solutions?

With UR Solutions, our clients thrive.

The healthcare environment is constantly changing. Provider organizations are experiencing decreasing operating margins, and are forced to do more with less. Any small shift will impact this margin. Therefore, managing denials, and taking corrective action are crucial for a business to succeed.

Setting up and efficient denials management process will ensure optimized reimbursement for all services rendered.


trusted by leading healthcare providers


exceed expected outcomes

Health systems across the US are partnering with UR Solutions to improve their billing and reporting process and to maximize revenue capture.

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